Z-P Fanfic

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Z-P Fanfic

Post by SoundIsAGhost on Wed Jun 18, 2008 5:37 pm

Not exactly true... but yeaa

Buddeh- Z-Advertise wasn't workin with me, so I'm going to make a general forum on a different software.
Me- Use freakin phpBB3
Buddeh- Okay that's cool, but I'm not smart enough to know how to install it to a free web host. So I'll have to use a forum host.
Me- Wow your cool.
Buddeh- Shut up it will be AWESOME.
Me- Well good luck... I guess

*a couple days later*
Hobbies- I'll help you with your forum!
Pingu Head- I wanna too
Buddeh- Okay I'll just give you guys some admin power... do anything
Pingu- Okay I'm going to destroy your forum
Pingu- Kidding, but you gotta be more careful on who you give admin power to next time.
Hobbies-* whispers: n00b*
Buddeh- What was that?
Hobbies- What I was just talking to myself
Buddeh- And you said what?
Pingu- He said--
Hobbies- Shut up Pingu
Me- He said that your an effin n00b.
Buddeh- YOU WHAT?!
Hobbies- Just n00b not effin n00b. GAWD SARA!
Me- Trying to make things more interesting here. Speaking of making... don't you have something to make right now that's called... um i don't know... a forum!
Buddeh- Oh shit... yeah.

*A while later once Buddeh makes the forum*

Buddeh- Hey sara, can you wear this sig?
Me- Why?
Buddeh- Because
Me- Fine.

*A couple hours later*
Buddeh- Hey Sara...
Me- What the hell do you want now?
Buddeh- Can you join web boosters and post 5 times, then vote for Z-P
Me- Why?
Buddeh- Because
Buddeh- A lot of other people have voted, and we are in the lead by like 4.
Me- Good, then you don't need me.
Buddeh- We have 7 votes
Buddeh- No 8!
Me- Great then you don't need my to do that.
Buddeh- Why wouldn't you?
Me- Because I'm too lazy
Buddeh- Besides that!
Me- No reason really.

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Re: Z-P Fanfic

Post by Buddeh on Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:31 pm

actually Sara that was funny but it was my idea to create this here on phpBB3 and change to general forum i aksed hobbs to help then i asked vince but he said he knew someone who would be able too help more which was Pingu Head...this is acyually very very wrong to tell the truth but its fun to read so just keep writing. Very Happy

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Re: Z-P Fanfic

Post by freak on Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:31 pm

lol, thats some good writeing!

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Re: Z-P Fanfic

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